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From: rodhugen
Date: Sun May 16 13:19:36 MST 2004 Subject: Two quotes

Karen: Art quote (5/17/04)
dbonilla: You were right (1/3/14)
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dbonilla: You were right (1/3/14)
Karen: Art quote (5/17/04)
These two quotes were embedded in the marble of the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg. I liked them and thought I'd post them. I'd give attribution if I knew who said them, but I don't so I won't.

"Art deals with things forever incapable of definition that belong to love, beauty, joy, worship. It shapes powers, glory of which are forever building, unbuilding, rebuilding in each man's soul and in the soul of the whole world."

"For religion, pure religion, I say standeth not in wearing of a monk's cowl, but in righteousness, in justice, and well-doing."


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From: Karen
Date: Mon May 17 14:27:36 MST 2004 Subject: Art quote

Googled it...the art quote is from Plotinus, a 3rd century philosopher.

I couldn't find who wrote the other one. One of Luther's contemporaries, maybe?

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From: dbonilla
Date: Fri Jan 3 12:15:17 EST 2014 Subject: You were right

Karen, yes, it was one of Luther's contemporaries who wrote that second poem: Hugh Latimer (c.1490-1555), an English Bishop. It took me almost a decade to figure it out, *laugh*.

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