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From: rodhugen
Date: Tue Apr 24 09:35:42 EDT 2012 Subject: I love your kids

samantha: No Subject (4/25/12)
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samantha: No Subject (4/25/12)
Doing Kid Vespers is a hoot. Sunday night when I taught them I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Caleb was kind enough to help out and I started with reminding the kids about the rules. I had to interrupt the rules talk in order to break up a pushing war between two stubborn little girls who wanted to sit on the same red pillow. Each was convinced that the other should learn to share. Alice and Ellie were not happy with each other or me when I moved them away from each other.

After the prayer requests, which included prayers for more video games, bigger bicycles, grandparents, and that other people would learn to share, I asked the kids to fold their hands and close their eyes to pray. Raeya didn't want to fold her hands. She was quite adamant, but eventually wore down in face of a lot of peer pressure. After the prayer Alice informed us that Silas had opened his eyes during the prayer and was shocked when Caleb pointed out the only way that she could have known he had his eyes open was because her eyes were open as well. This was an ugly turn of events for her made all the more painful because her own kinfolk had ratted her out. This was followed by several kids trying to convince me that they could 'see' with their eyes closed. I was not convinced despite their squinty faces and protestations that their eyes were really closed when they weren't.

All of the girls were very tired at this point and decided to follow Rosie's lead in needing to lie down and rest. I assured them they could sleep after Kid Vespers while the rest of us were eating and playing with friends which eventually caused them to realize they weren't as tired as they thought they were. The boys were being pretty angelic during this time so I made sure to compliment them which made them be even nicer in that sort of obnoxious way kids do when they are rubbing other kids' noses in how superior they are.

Ellie decided that the pillow she was sitting on needed to have its stuffing removed so she was corrected and then pouted when she was told she needed to move to a different pillow since she didn't like the color. Who knew that pillow color was such a big deal among our darlings? Raeya decided that kicking the boys in front of her was a fun thing to do. I moved her to a yellow pillow next to me. She had something to say about the new arrangement and when I ignored her she ordered me in a stern voice, "Look at me when I am talking to you!" I wonder where she might have heard that phrase before? I avoided laughing out loud and explained that I was the adult and she was the kid and that she wasn't allowed to talk to me like that so she kicked David and got sent to her mother as a result. Unbeknownst to me she told her mother that she was 'sick in her stomach' and she came back to class ten minutes later with sad, downcast eyes and told me she would be obedient. And she was obedient after that. I didn't know until I was chatting with Danielle after Vespers that she hadn't been exactly straight with her mother about what had happened.

I read the story about Paul and Timothy and at one point Alice told me to please hurry it up. I tried to make the point that there were people who loved them who were teaching them about Jesus just like his grandmother and mother had taught Timothy, but several told me that they thought if they were really loved their moms and grandmas should just let them play.

One of the kids had to go to the bathroom and so everyone had to go. I would only let them go one at a time and Alice assured me there were two potties in the women's bathroom and she should be able to go with her friends and I assured her they were still only going to go one at a time. Ellie took up the logical fallacy in my position and told me that I wasn't being very fun. I further spoiled their fun by telling them that they should not all rush to the tables for their craft time, but should let other kids go first after which the girls all immediately raced to their favorite chairs while returning to the argument that the other kids should learn to share. Rosie was upset that she was relegated to a corner of the long table and said that she needed crayons. Alice shared nicely in handing her one crayon. Rosie teared up and said, "Thank you, but I need a variety of colors."

When I saw Alice and Raeya running around in the play area after Vespers I asked them if they wanted to go take a nap in the room since they had been so tired earlier. They looked at me like I was from another planet.

Your kids are marvelous. What a privilege to hang with them. I will say extra prayers for you parents.


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