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From: rodhugen
Date: Sat Mar 24 01:35:21 EDT 2012 Subject: An Easter Poem

Suki: No Subject (3/27/12)
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Suki: No Subject (3/27/12)
Rodney J. Hugen

Arlington is no longer.
Little rows of stars and crosses
blown a thousand miles away,
all plowed up in furrowed ground,
an awesome, massive rending.
Fertile ragged soil,
unkempt and wild,
lies in heaped haphazard piles.
Gettysburg is the same,
the ancient battlefield
newly-scarred and ripped,
torn and twisted,
as if a thousand cannon balls
had lashed the earth again.
In Orleans town
ancient sacred mausoleums
crack and crumble,
lie crushed in awful ruin
as in Katrinaís days.
In Tombstoneís sunlit desert
Boot Hill is blown apart.
Cowboys laid here
boots turned up,
their epitaphs now gone,
forgotten words found tangled
in the ravaged thorny weeds.
Across the roiling seas,
the greens of Normandy
feel once again the gash of war.
rocks and boulders tossed about,
flowered fields quick overturned.
All has gone amuck.
In lands beyond the sun,
Khmerís killing fields
are carved asunder
and further still
Rwandan ditches
open wide to brighting sun.
Green Acres no longer green
my fatherís grave lies open wide.
On that great day we all will know:
Itís not just One
who rises up!

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From: Suki
Date: Tue Mar 27 00:28:05 EDT 2012 Subject:


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