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From: laynEpoo
Date: Tue Sep 29 17:15:00 EDT 2009 Subject: phoenix friends

rodhugen: Yep (9/29/09)
Karen: Conferences (9/29/09)
kimc: another option. . . (9/29/09)
laynEpoo: thanks everyone! (9/30/09)
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laynEpoo: thanks everyone! (9/30/09)
kimc: another option. . . (9/29/09)
Karen: Conferences (9/29/09)
rodhugen: Yep (9/29/09)
This might be a large request, but here it goes.

The National Association of Science Teachers is having their winter conference in Phoenix. My mentor teacher and I were thinking about heading up there to go and also to visit one of our old students in the process (she now goes to ASU). It's Friday-Sunday, December 4-6. The only problem is the cost of the conference is $140 so paying for a hotel and food seems really impossible, so I was wondering if anyone knows anyone up in the Phoenix area who would be willing to house two science teachers for a weekend. Obviously, we'll pay for our own food, etc., but basically if we could cut out the paying for a hotel (as obviously I would need my own room, so that's two hotel rooms), that would save a TON of money!

Thanks everybody! :)


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From: rodhugen
Date: Tue Sep 29 19:09:29 EDT 2009 Subject: Yep

Talk to me. My Mom would probably love grandmothering a couple of strays. :)


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From: Karen
Date: Tue Sep 29 19:18:55 EDT 2009 Subject: Conferences

That, in a nutshell, is why I have never done one outside of Tucson ;-) That, and the fact that they often happen on WORK DAYS, and my district rarely pays for professional leave (i.e., paying for my sub), and it's definitely not happening this year!

But have fun with the conference. I like the IDEA of conferences, it's just the logistics that make me crazy.

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