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From: eric
Date: Thu Apr 19 13:19:43 EDT 2007 Subject: epistemology forum

emily: day? (4/19/07)
eric: This Friday (4/20/07)
Boojeee: knowing (4/20/07)
emily: next (4/20/07)
emily: thanks (4/21/07)
dbonilla: Thought I Knew (4/22/07)
Responses (sorted by date)
dbonilla: Thought I Knew (4/22/07)
emily: thanks (4/21/07)
emily: next (4/20/07)
Boojeee: knowing (4/20/07)
eric: This Friday (4/20/07)
emily: day? (4/19/07)
Hello Guys,
This Friday,Sir Layman and Sir Cousineu, are hosting an Epistemology forum. I know that sounds a little threatening, but it is actually cool and easy to understand. The topic for discussion is the skeptics . . . How do we know what we know, and do we really know it. Hmmm. I know only a few of you have signed up, but I'd love to see more of you there. Everything begins at 7:00pm.
Location: 1133 E. Mabel Street


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From: Boojeee
Date: Fri Apr 20 17:45:21 EDT 2007 Subject: knowing

Can we really know that, Eric. I mean, maybe Emily was trying to wrestle with her own epistmological issues.

Or maybe she was just out at KidVespers.

I'm not sure if I know.

OK. I'll stop now.


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From: emily
Date: Sat Apr 21 16:25:55 EDT 2007 Subject: thanks

Thanks, guys, for hosting this forum. For those of you who didn't come, Michael gave a good talk on different angles in epistemology. I even got a slight headache from concentrating so hard on trying to understand contextualism! That's exciting!

I still feel that my understanding of it (contextualism) is pretty shallow. I'm still understanding it like this: contexualism is to epistemology as behaviourism is to psychology. But I'm pretty sure that something else must be going on there. In the same way that something else is probably going on in post modernism even though its easy to see it as glorified relativism.

I especially enjoyed thinking about skepticism and its role in real life. I now realise that I change my position on "how you can know stuff" depending on how I want to use it (a form of contextualism??). I don't use skepticism in personal reflection. Sometimes it plagues me but I generally reject it as pointless.

However, I do appreciate the role skepticism has played in helping me to fend off big scary dogmas. When the big dogmas are chasing me I grab skepticsim like a set of fake Dracula teeth. Then I turn and snarl my best snarl and hope they go away.

In conclusion, I really like the blackboard on the living room wall at Ron and Michael's house. It's especially cool without the wooden frame around it. Or wait, did it have a frame? There was someplace to put the chalk - but I thought the sides were rough... so if I like the unframed look of the chalkboard but its actually framed - do I know anything?

Emily Mc.

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From: dbonilla
Date: Sun Apr 22 03:22:53 EDT 2007 Subject: Thought I Knew

I signed up to go. Sorry Ron & Mike. I had a longing to go (not a resolution). Really wanted to go, I thought. Planned to go, I think. Intended to go, I forgot. I stayed after work Friday to send an LLS fund raising email to Pima folks who were not in my Outlook contact list... and the next thing you know I look at the clock, and it sayd "Seven eighteen pee em." I was really bummed out to hear that! I missed yet another epistemiological epistemology meeting--the 2nd one in a row! I thought I knew, but "I guess I didn't know." At least I know who to ask about it, Emily!

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