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From: eric
Date: Wed Jan 25 11:44:39 MST 2006 Subject: Drumming Circle and Postcard 012506

The first Drumming Circle of the year, for members of The Village, was held on Friday, January 13. The night began around 6pm with people drumming and chatting. Once the pizza arrived, we ate together; the actual drumming event began around 6:45. Drumming, singing and the vigorous playing of rhythm instruments was tied together with chants about Jesus, God, and His Kingdom.

The discussion segment began with Eric explaining last years budget, as well as the proposed budget for 2006. Our financial state was helped extremely in the past six months by the move to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, as rent is substantially cheaper than it was at The Muse Community Arts Center. However, on moving to the new location, we agreed to continue looking for a more permanent location. We may be able to stay at the Lutheran Church for an additional year as we raise money to buy our own place. One possibility Eric talked about is Antioch Missionary Bible Church on Cloverland. They have been contacted and are praying about selling the property to us. We also need to be in prayer about this. The Village members discussed what it would be like to be in a church building, rather than a coffee shop or other “secular” setting. It was mentioned that there has been no drastic difference in growth between church settings and our time at The Muse. Eric discussed that we would need at least $300,000 to buy the building, for which he and Rod will pursue fundraising through various avenues. In order to do this, they need the help of our graphic design artists to create business cards, fliers, posters, and brochures about the Village. They also need writers to help with the brochures and paperwork, and people willing to write the stories of their experiences with God during their time at the Village.

Eric went on to talk about the direction that he would like the Village to move during the coming year. He read from Leviticus 19 where it talks about leaving the edges of the fields unharvested so that the less fortunate in the community can come glean. He would like to see our community giving away some of what we have to the people around us. Some suggestions were to have a big pie baking night (like Sue does at Thanksgiving) and give a pie to our neighbors, to have a tamale-making day and give away the tamales, or to just make an extra something when we are taking care of friends within the Village for them to give to one of their neighbors. This could include people in our actual neighborhoods or co-workers. Rod talked about how he does some of this in his neighborhood and the blessing that it has been to him, the church, and his neighbors. This is primarily to care for people around us in the broader community and to give of the great blessings that God has given us, not just to bring people into the Village.

After a time of questions and some discussion about these things, we broke up into groups of four or five people. Each of us had a 3x5 card to write the names of people in our lives that we would like to be praying for, ministering to, and having our community pray for. In the groups, we discussed our people and switched cards with others so that another person in the group could join us in prayer during the coming months. We then prayed for these people in our groups. So concluded the first Drumming Circle for the year 2006 at the Village.

The Village Postcard: January 25, 2006

Immediate Need:

1) This Sunday: we do not have a Female teacher for the Village kids.

Wednesday: That thing with Eric starts at 6:00p.m. (Note: if you are bringing your children - they must bring something quiet to do.)

Also, on Wednesday, Joel Cepin and the old Buckshot Blu band (Karen and Craig) – who now have a new Name – not sure what it is, but they will be playing at the Casbah Tea House(acoustic sets from 8-10 pm), 628 1/2 North 4th Avenue. It's a teahouse w/food and, um, tea... (and it smells much better than a bar).

Friday: Art night: 6 - 10pm at the Williams house. contact Trizia for more info: 295-8000

Random thoughts from Eric:

Update on the Church Building: They called us yesterday to say that they were still praying, but didn’t want us to think they had forgotten us. When it comes to the cost of the church building, we are probably looking at $400,000 dollars. If you want to take a look at it, the address is 1926 N Cloverland Ave. Since we will need to raise money to buy a church building, having one in mind provides us with something to present to supports who would consider giving us money. This does not mean we will buy this building. God may have something else in mind – it is simply a starting point. Of course, it is one of the few places we have found that is even in our price range. Please spend some time praying about what God wants us to do, and that we as leaders and as a community would be open to all possibilities.
Raising money: If you are good at designing posters, flyers, business cards, etc. Rod would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss how you could help. Also, if you like writing, we need your help with the content of the different promotional stuff. You can contact Rod at 9071396.


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