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From: eric
Date: Thu Dec 18 10:00:07 MST 2003 Subject: Dec 8 2003

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is showing at 11:00am on Saturday the 20th at Park Place mall. At this time I have no arrangements for childcare. If someone is interested in taking on that responsibility, please contact me.

Thoughts from Eric . . .
God’s creation reflects his beauty. God created man and women to reflect that beauty as image bearers and as “re-creators” - Rod’s word. I think most of us would agree, women do the best job of reflecting God’s image. I was thinking recently that maybe men reflect the backside of God - just kidding. Being created in the image of God is something we all should ponder more than we do. To be human is to desire to create beauty. I know most of you don’t believe that, but it true. Beauty comes from deep within us. Beautiful things confront us with suffering, death, humiliation, and the general lostness of our world. Hopefully beauty also points us to a solution to the pain and struggle in our lives. I think good art allows us to taste death and life, or as Rod would say, “smell the onion or the lily.” I say all of this because I think we often struggle with our value at the Village. Many of us, including myself, struggle with our value resting in the idea that we were created by a beautiful God, and we reflect his image in a very unique way. It urks some of us that there is nothing we can do to be valuable.

Pastor Eric

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