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From: emily
Date: Sat Jan 21 13:39:01 MST 2006 Subject: fields of time

Do you ever wonder if that's really what life is? A field of time for you to grow stuff in? I think some lives started on rich loamy ground and when worked well they produce fields of golden grain that feed many around them. Other lives started on the tundra and when worked well they produce an itty bitty flower for a few weeks before it freezes again.

If I had to describe what my field seems to be...I think I'm a rainforest type life. Now and then there is an amazing show of some spectacular flower or fruit - but most of the time its just green. Trying to grow things that are good for daily eating is possible but a constant struggle. Wild vines tend to grow faster and overpower the more practical plants. And while some really big trees can grow, they have to have a variety of ways to get nutrients - the rainforest soil has less nutritional energy than other types.

So what would it look like for me to leave the corners of my field of time open? Will it be time in every day? week? At certain times of the year? Will it be certain years that I leave open and other whole years are harvested and used?

This idea is drawing my thinking energy. Will I spend mental energy on this or will I refuse to harvest that area? And if I refuse, who or what will get that time and mental energy?


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