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From: dbonilla
Date: Thu Oct 28 12:19:07 MST 2004 Subject: Vote!

Karen: Political involvement (10/28/04)
dbonilla: God is Pro-Choice (10/29/04)
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dbonilla: God is Pro-Choice (10/29/04)
Karen: Political involvement (10/28/04)
Eric and Rod,
If you like this you can copy it and circulate it among the tribe this Sunday.

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From: Karen
Date: Thu Oct 28 16:29:55 MST 2004 Subject: Political involvement

A year ago, I asked Jeff to list some words to describe me and right away, he said, "Political."

Really? I thought about how I hadn't participated in a political protest since my early adulthood. I hadn't ever donated to a political party or gone door to door w/candidates' flyers or stood in the blasting heat w/petitions for any propositions-to-be. Yeah, I helped stuff envelopes for a political candidate, Andy Nichols, more than once, but that's mostly 'cause I was friends with his campaign-manager daughter. (Probably would still be called on to stuff periodically, were it not for his death in 2001.) Sure, I've been in Amnesty International for I dunno how long, but that's more a humanitarian organization that protects politically active people living under repressive regimes...

As I told Eric recently, I have chosen to channel most of my political energy into my public servanthood. The SNEAKY way, I think... hee hee hee (read w/maniacal laughter for full effect).

And I'll admit that my family has plans to sit around the TV next Tuesday watching the election results. We've never done this before, but this election seems different... for one thing, we're all somehow voting for the same candidate, which from my POV means that the apocalypse must be coming ;-)

OK, all right Jeff, I'm a bit political, I guess. But I'm no poli-sci major, and I don't read the newspaper often and recently have been only sporadically watching Frontline and listening to NPR; the "gift (curse?) of mercy" often can't hack watching the news.

I think voting is very important, but hardly the only important, relevant, effective thing we do as citizens. Some people feel conflicted w/choosing a candidate they don't feel represents them well, and they feel silly writing someone in. Or maybe they're just too busy negotiating the demands of their day-to-day lives to stay informed enough to feel confident making a rational decision, rather than just a knee-jerk emotional one. Heck, voting's important enough for this non-morning person to get up BEFORE the predawn hours to vote before my long work day...amazing that those poor volunteers were already down there in the 6 a.m. blackness. But I believe that no one should feel pressured to vote, because non-voting in a democracy must be legit, too, for all votes to have real meaning.

"Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy." --Richard Linklater, director of the movie _Slackers_--which I haven't seen and can't endorse, but I think the quote is apt.

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From: dbonilla
Date: Fri Oct 29 18:44:08 MST 2004 Subject: God is Pro-Choice

Ok, Maybe I should've deleted the exclamation point in the title of my original message. Nobody's going to vote out of obedience to me anyway. It was meant also as an attention getter for those who are still so involved in their own little worlds to notice that the elections are coming up.

Karen, it sounds like you're choosing to tough it out, get up early and vote Tuesday morning for the candidate you say everyone at the Village is voting for, whether disgusted or not. Good for you. I voted yesterday and have likely "cancelled" your future vote for President. But I'm excited to see what happens. The apocalypse is coming regardless of outcome!

It is also great if one is able to contribute in other ways to the political process, but for many of us voting is the only and most powerful method to which we avail ouselves. I'm lazy and am going to let Tony Perkins say some of what else was on my heart:

"In the last several days, the national media have been fixated on the involvement of evangelical Christians in this year's election. CNN and other media outlets have aired 'news' specials exploring what motivates Christians to be politically active, as if our involvement posed some kind of threat to our system of government.

"I have been interviewed by dozens of print journalists and have appeared on various news programs to defend the right that people of faith have to be engaged in the political process of this country. This media attention is not designed to encourage Christians to participate, but to discourage their participation.

"There are some Christians who have been influenced by this and ask whether Christians should be involved and vote. The short answer: absolutely! As Christians in our representative form of government, we have not only a right, but a responsibility, to vote and be involved. A cursory review of scripture makes it very clear that God judges nations for the actions of its leaders (1 Chronicles 21:1-7, I Kings 14:16). How much greater should that judgment be when a nation has the opportunity to select those leaders? No doubt that was on the mind of the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Jay, when he said, 'Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.'

"This raises another question for some: How should Christians vote? ..." Continued at

See also at that website the THE TOP 10 EXCUSES FOR NOT VOTING (

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