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From: dbonilla
Date: Wed Apr 7 02:48:40 MST 2004 Subject: Diet of Worms

stevek: worms (4/7/04)
Karen: Bleccccccch (4/7/04)
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Karen: Bleccccccch (4/7/04)
stevek: worms (4/7/04)
This is funny. I just mentioned Luther's Diet of Worms to Rod last Sunday and lo and behold here it is, in today's news!
"Diet of worms can cure bowel disease" 19:00 06 April 04. It's a different kind of worms though.

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From: stevek
Date: Wed Apr 7 12:50:33 MST 2004 Subject: worms

Actually, if you'd like to marry the ideas of diet, and worms, you can also add in that of a handy pet. Consider a tapeworm - the ideal pet/goes where you go, eats what you eat. Maybe even a good weight loss program which combines the companionship of a puppy, and no messes to clean up.

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From: Karen
Date: Wed Apr 7 13:28:32 MST 2004 Subject: Bleccccccch

I'm hoping I don't develop a disease that requires me to swallow living invertebrates...I can handle the living bacteria in my yogurt, though, so maybe I just need to open my mind a bit more.

Hmm, Luther was German, and Worms is a town in Germany... After the South Beach Diet, could the next diet trend be the Worms Diet?

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