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From: corwithani
Date: Wed Jun 6 00:58:20 EDT 2007 Subject: u of a softball team

rodhugen: Big deal! (6/6/07)
corwithani: thanks rod! (6/6/07)
james: I missed it Who won? (6/14/07)
james: I missed it Who won? (6/14/07)
corwithani: say what??? :) (6/14/07)
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corwithani: say what??? :) (6/14/07)
james: I missed it Who won? (6/14/07)
james: I missed it Who won? (6/14/07)
corwithani: thanks rod! (6/6/07)
rodhugen: Big deal! (6/6/07)
I just have to throw it out there that the U of A softball team is going for their 2nd national title game in a row tomorrow night...... either on ESPN or ESPN2........ they are CRAZY good, and you should watch them somehow, somewhere if you have the time. :)

the game tonight lasted 3 and a half hours - it went into 10 innings (a regulation game is only 7), and U of A scored ONE run to win it and it was a very, very close call.

if you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out and watch their videos or read an article or something.

it's "kind of a big deal"... :)

so as cheesy as it is -- BEAR DOWN, ARIZONA!!!!!!!!! (cue cheesy horribly loud sounding awkward fight song)

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From: rodhugen
Date: Wed Jun 6 13:27:40 EDT 2007 Subject: Big deal!

It's not 'kind of a big deal', it IS a big deal. I watched a lot of the game last night and thought it was one of the best plays I've ever seen when we scored the winning run with that amazing slide past the catcher's tag and the runner just barely catching the back of home plate with her outstetched hand. It was the only run that has been given up by the Tennessee pitcher in the College World Series. Awesome!

Tonight we have leadership meeting... Groan. Maybe I'll record it for later. Please yell a couple of times for me.


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From: corwithani
Date: Wed Jun 6 18:34:16 EDT 2007 Subject: thanks rod!

Rod -

thanks for understanding and encouraging. it is (seriously) a shame that one of these teams has to lose, because wow they are both amazing.

I remember going to mike candrea's softball camp as a kid.... he's a great coach. even now I know some of the U of A players and a trainer. :)

so basically, enjoy your meeting tonight - I shall DEFINITELY be yelling on you and other villagers' behalfs.

yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!! hour and a half and counting!!

(cue eye of the tiger music) :) haha.

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From: james
Date: Thu Jun 14 06:16:02 EDT 2007 Subject: I missed it Who won?

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From: james
Date: Thu Jun 14 06:19:30 EDT 2007 Subject: I missed it Who won?

I missed the final game of the Women's CWS game. Who won?

I'm stuck here in Phoenix watching as ASU goes for the Men's CWS championship in baseball. The ASU baseball team is doing very well this year. It wouldn't be any surprise to see them take the crown. They were 3rd last year but have a better team this year. I don't see the U of A in the hunt for the college baseball chase. What happened to the guys team? I hope the women won though in their run for another CWS crown in softball.
(Go VOLS, I mean 'cats)

Chandler (Phoenix area)

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From: corwithani
Date: Thu Jun 14 23:58:04 EDT 2007 Subject: say what??? :)

James --


U of A won the final game, 5-0...

booooo ya. :) it was an amazing game, actually, Tennessee purposefully loaded the bases with nobody out, and a U of A player got a base hit and scored some runs (she had made an error earlier in the game, so they figured she wouldn't hit anything).

then (same inning) a different girl hit either a 2 or 3 run home run.


and I'm assuming the U of A baseball team lost in the super regional sometime.

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