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From: corwithani
Date: Thu Aug 5 21:44:23 EDT 2010 Subject: a whirlwind

Laelia: Awesome! (8/6/10)
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Laelia: Awesome! (8/6/10)
i'm not really sure how to say this. but i know that i should share what's been going on and to THANK YOU all for being amazing in my life.

in short, i suppose you could say i'm joining the village bandwagon and moving to seattle to go to mars hill grad school... it's true. i found out that i was accepted 2 days before i left for georgia for 2 weeks, so that is where i have been. in the meantime i have freaked out and registered for classes and tried to figure out student loans.

now i'm back in tucson for a few more days with all of my worldly possessions on the living room floor, sorting through them yet again, thinking about leaving this place that i have lived for 12ish of my last 15 years. so strange.

i know that it's always very sad when people leave the village. but really i just want you guys to know that you are a huge reason of why i am actually going to pursue a counseling degree.

by far what has impacted me the most in my life has been having people walk alongside of me, believing in me, challenging me, hearing me, fighting for me, drawing things out of me, etc. this has all come from the amazing community at the village.

and now i am pursuing this thing that feels far greater than myself. it's scary and terrifying and great and amazing for me to think of all that i am about to walk into. but ultimately when i think about having the impact that many of you have had in my life, i am excited.

THANK YOU all so so much. i can't really describe it in words but there was my attempt.

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