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From: clrclady
Date: Wed Jun 23 00:00:12 EDT 2010 Subject: Thank God!!!

Carena: Praise God (6/23/10)
Mike_Wise: Yikes (6/23/10)
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Mike_Wise: Yikes (6/23/10)
Carena: Praise God (6/23/10)
I know God is always present, but sometimes it is very evident that He has just protected you and intervened in something that could have been much more severe. A guy driving under the influence of something drove in between stopped traffic at a red light going 40 miles per hour plus without stopping today and in the process I was the first one he hit completely side swiping me in the state car and sending my side mirror to crash into another car, never slowing down one bit. He also hit the SUV in front of me but not as severely because he swerved a bit after he hit me. He had no idea what had happened or even that the light was red or cars were stopped or even that he was not in lane and was driving in between the left hand lane and middle lane of cars. The state car is pretty small and compact; if I would have been rear ended at that speed I would have easily went up under neath that SUV and would have been hurt much more severely. But everyone walked away from the accident. I cannot even imagine how many angels were stationed around that intersection, but Thank God.

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From: Mike_Wise
Date: Wed Jun 23 11:26:18 EDT 2010 Subject: Yikes

I am a firm believer that you don't go until it's your time to go. It wasn't your time and that's a GOOD thing it means your work here isn't yet finished. I am glad you are OK! My wife and I got side swiped a year ago by a drunk driver I know how scary that can be. Big hugz to you!

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