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From: clrclady
Date: Sat Sep 18 20:55:25 MST 2004 Subject: Self-Inflicted Pain

Boojeee: hope is good (9/19/04)
keibru: nice (9/19/04)
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keibru: nice (9/19/04)
Boojeee: hope is good (9/19/04)
Six days of my life melt away into a speck.
A third of the days spent in an oxygen deprived haze.
A moment on the long journey of life.
A moment that could have been the end of the journey.
Six days to shift all of the world around.
Was this the third hospitalization by my hands?

The skin has long shown the scars of pain-
Self-inflicted torture to kill this body, this thing-
Now, the body within presents itís bill.
The long drag of a cigarette to shut down,
To numb, to slowly kill, to destroy this body.
Will this be the last hospitalization by my hands?

The mind shifts as it loses oxygen -
Blackout, darkness, no consciousness-
To awaken to sounds of labored breathing.
Death taking hold of the body,
Twisting and sucking every last drop of strength.
Could this be the end of craving death?

The mind longs to live every last moment,
Reaching out in desperation for help and comfort.
The body showing the signs of harm, moves forward.
Pills to keep the mind on the right journey.
Pills to help the body survive the past torture.
Neither can handle any more self-inflicted pain.

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From: Boojeee
Date: Sun Sep 19 11:11:20 MST 2004 Subject: hope is good

I like it. Especially "the body presents its bill" and the whole last stanza.

longing for life is good. reaching out for help and comfort--also good.

I'm really glad you're OK.(-:

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