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From: clrclady
Date: Thu Mar 24 10:52:02 MST 2005 Subject: Double Duty

So, I have been working double duty this week at work. There has been some craziness within the state, so my supervisor who was supposed to cover for my sister unit has not been able to do that. So, my sister unit supervisor is gone, and I am covering for both her and my unit. I have done both ongoing and investigation, so I know what the other unit is doing. It has just been interesting to be pulled in two directions at once. Investigations is much more fast passed and immediate, and people are coming in to talk to you about different families constantly. Ongoing is more laid back and crisis orientated sporadically; I have a group of families that I have to worry about and it changes weekly, not daily. I realized this week that I like ongoing better. I liked being a worker in investigations more because of the adrenaline rush and constant “doing” mentality, but I like supervising ongoing. This is an amazing realization because I had been very disappointed when I got this position that I did not get the investigations position. I was OK with ongoing, but it was not my first choice. So, it is interesting that nine months later I am realizing that I like ongoing more. It is also exciting to think that God really did know exactly where I should be. I really did feel nine months ago that He had His hand in getting me to this spot, and I took the position believing that it was where He wanted me to be. In ongoing, I have a much greater opportunity to mentor, counsel, and care for my workers. I have a lot more space and freedom to encourage and motivate them that I would not have in investigations as much because of the constant fast passed nature. I am able to sit and comfort and bind up wounds throughout the day with them. It is a great blessing. So, I guess the reality of the situation is that God knows best and has been actively working out things for me for a while. Even though my job is no longer the fast passed doer, I am where I really should be and doing what I should be doing which is “being.” I will just be glad when this week is over, and I can be off of the double duty thing. Having two units full of people coming at me for guidance is a little crazy.

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