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From: clrclady
Date: Fri Sep 3 19:10:22 MST 2004 Subject: Bloody Garments

andrea: thank you! (9/6/04)
Boojeee: me too (9/6/04)
mike: Thank you (9/7/04)
blancaro: Thank you (9/7/04)
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blancaro: Thank you (9/7/04)
mike: Thank you (9/7/04)
Boojeee: me too (9/6/04)
andrea: thank you! (9/6/04)
Bloody Garments

Little girls trusting a fatherly man:
A life of games, adventure, play.
The heart was stirred to life;
Springs of water touched a parched soul. . .
Blackness, terror came -
Rape without ever saying, “No”

Bloody garments,
hide them away
Bury them deep beneath garbage-
Fear, shame, confusion-
To kill the foolish heart.

Bloody garments
would return one day.
Self-inflicted rage,
Anger, shame, contempt.
Kill the longing for life.

Bloody garments
were here long before.
God’s rage against sin.
Soldiers, Jesus, whips
Blood to cleanse the past.

Bloody garments
float in memories.
Are the acts really forgiven?
Doubt, shame, hope
The heart stirred to life.

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From: andrea
Date: Mon Sep 6 08:22:08 MST 2004 Subject: thank you!


thank you for not only writing this but having the courage to share it here. I love you!

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From: Boojeee
Date: Mon Sep 6 10:24:36 MST 2004 Subject: me too

I love you, too. I especially like the life part.

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From: mike
Date: Tue Sep 7 15:24:09 MST 2004 Subject: Thank you

Wow. I really like it.

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From: blancaro
Date: Tue Sep 7 17:21:44 MST 2004 Subject: Thank you

Cheryl, thank you for sharing, it really stirred me.

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