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From: clrclady
Date: Mon Aug 8 15:25:24 MST 2005 Subject: A Prayer For the Children

Boojeee: amen (8/8/05)
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Boojeee: amen (8/8/05)
A Prayer For the Children

Weep for the children, Lord, for they cannot cry for themselves. They believe the pain they suffer is what they deserve. Hear the faint whimpers, the begging for rest that never gets vocalized. Can you hear their faint requests for life, Lord? Does the Mighty Abba hear? The horror they endure is beyond belief. A baby killed from being repeatedly raped. Is she up with You? Sleepless three year olds in pain and terror from the torture they endure in their own beds. Babies beat to the point of near death with internal bleeding and broken bones. Little ones living in fear for their lives or the lives of their siblings. Will they survive the night? Do you hear them Abba? Slay the wicked for the children as they cannot fight for themselves. Destroy the dark evil that surrounds them. Make the evil ones more helpless, vulnerable, and in pain then the little children they attack. May Your mighty tears crush their evil bones. Donít let the children continue to suffer alone.

Sometimes it feels like I cannot go on, Lord. I cannot keep fighting for theses childrenís lives. I cannot see another hideous and disgusting thing. I cannot do it anymore. And then I just fall at Your feet with all of my many burdens, all of the children and people whoís stories plague my mind. I collapse out of exhaustion. I can see myself in my mindís eye collapsed at Your feet as you lift up my fragile body to embrace me, embrace my tearless face and my broken heart that wants to weep. Embrace my inability to save even one of these little ones without You. Embrace my tactics to runaway from the darkness that I just cannot endure any longer. Abba, it pains me to know that I know their world oh so well. To see their deadened faces for they have not felt love ever in their lives. Weep for the children, Lord, as my tears come and go, and You are the Only One strong enough to embrace them and pull them out of the darkness that encompasses their lives.

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From: Boojeee
Date: Mon Aug 8 16:26:10 MST 2005 Subject: amen

and may God grant you the courage, grace and whatever else you need to be a light in that dark world.
love you,

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