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From: andrea
Date: Sun Aug 14 12:50:30 MST 2005 Subject: guitar lesson

Karen: Yup (8/18/05)
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Karen: Yup (8/18/05)
I sent this by e-mail to some friends after Thursdays' lesson b/c I couldn't blog it....I thought I would share this part of my journey with you all:

Tonight was the my first guitar lesson with Joel...I am so excited! I love the feeling of the strings on my fingers and the notes that come from just a simple touch. My heart is leaping at the hope of what is to come with playing and expressing thoughts and feelings in this instrument. My husband chuckled at me as I got into my rock star mode to seranade him.

Part of me wants to squash this excitement and downplay what I hope to say and do through this form of expression. But I refuse to listen to the negative themes. They are not as loud as my hope and my joyous heart!

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From: Karen
Date: Thu Aug 18 08:18:47 MST 2005 Subject: Yup

Excited for you. I still remember my first piano lesson when I was eight ;-) I could play only nine keys on that day. Cheryl's ringtone sounds like the "song" I played on that day.

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