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From: andrea
Date: Thu Sep 19 01:46:59 EDT 2013 Subject: Our family

Carena: Prayers (9/20/13)
andrea: Thanks, Carena (9/21/13)
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andrea: Thanks, Carena (9/21/13)
Carena: Prayers (9/20/13)
The Village doesn't always hear what is all going on inside of our family. But tonight, I want to share and ask for prayers. We have been trying to get respite out so that we can leave for dates, have a dinner out, and have the children put to bed once in awhile for a full night off. We have 2 respite providers assigned to our kids, because the respite agency has decided that one trained respite provider is not enough for the behaviors that our children (specifically Ian) decide to try in an evening with them, especially at bedtime. For those who have had him at bedtime before in The Village, you might have experienced some of these behaviors.

However, after 3 respite evenings in-home where violence between the children, mostly Ian to Ellen, was increasing, as well as Ian punching the adults, we then brought in the behavioral specialist to help the providers gain control in their 1.5-2 hours until bedtime. Tonight is the 5th night of respite...below is what I shared on Facebook tonight that occurred with 2 trained respite providers and a behavioral specialist present:

"A heart-breaking night. Ian and Ellen did well with in-home respite (5th respite) until the end when Ian threw a book at Ellen, punched Ellen in the back, punched and kicked his respite provider, threw his basketball hoop at his respite provider and hit her in the face, and other non-compliant behaviors that made it necessary for us to come home to get him under control. I am heart-broken for Ian's choices. I don't like what is in his heart, that he thinks this is ok in the moment (when he isn't mad to begin with and nothing provoked him...he just doesn't want the evening to end). Please pray for him, us, and the specialists who are working with him with the respite providers so that not just the behavior gets fixed but his heart is filled with the love of Jesus."

Please pray for our family...

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From: Carena
Date: Fri Sep 20 17:34:36 EDT 2013 Subject: Prayers

Being that I am someone who has experienced Ian's bedtime behaviour (although nothing like that!) and someone who cares for Ian very much; my heart is breaking for him and for your family as well. May peace be with you and Ryan. May God fill Ian's heart in those dark moments. May God bring someone into Ian's life that can make some sense of all this and begin to change these choices for Ian. You and your family are on my heart and in my prayers.

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From: andrea
Date: Sat Sep 21 00:08:19 EDT 2013 Subject: Thanks, Carena

Thanks for is nice to know that people do read this when you put your heart out there. Also, it is nice to hear from someone who has seen Ian not in his best element. Thanks for loving us and for your prayers.

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