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From: andrea
Date: Thu Oct 1 23:26:49 EDT 2009 Subject: Ian's adoption

Suki: Yay! (10/2/09)
clrclady: Hurray!!! (10/5/09)
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clrclady: Hurray!!! (10/5/09)
Suki: Yay! (10/2/09)
Well, it looks like all is coming together and we can actually announce here that Ian's adoption will happen on Saturday November 14th. His adoption will be at Udall park, like Ellie's was two years ago for those of you who came to it then.

We would love to have whoever wants to come celebrate with us. We are going to ask that we all potluck it again if you do come. We don't know what time our adoption actually is yet, but the celebration in the park goes from 9am to 1pm; we will get there around the time of our adoption and stay until the end. For the kids, there is face painting, jumping castle type things, games, etc. to celebrate the wonderfulness of adoption. Our families will be joining us at this great event too as Ian becomes an official McCulley.

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From: Suki
Date: Fri Oct 2 10:11:30 EDT 2009 Subject: Yay!

This is such good news!!

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From: clrclady
Date: Mon Oct 5 13:12:15 EDT 2009 Subject: Hurray!!!

Praise God!!!!

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