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From: andrea
Date: Mon Feb 3 14:03:43 EST 2014 Subject: Good news update!

russ: No Subject (2/3/14)
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russ: No Subject (2/3/14)
I finally have good news to share on the health front! Please join me in praising God!

I just got my scope done. The doctor reported that it looked different than November 2013. The connection from the small bowel to the j-pouch (what was made for me when my colon was removed) was very tiny but visible. There was inflammation all around the opening. The doctor pushed through and made a larger opening with the camera, still no bigger than a pinky at this point for food to pass through. He wants to heal up the inflammation through medications and go back in in 4 weeks. He believes he can make that opening larger so I can be on a more than liquid diet. And he is not recommending surgery!!!!

The pain passed Friday night, by the way, so I have been pain free since then in the ER…no meds for it or anything!

So, I will be watching what I eat for now, not eating much more than liquid food to be careful, taking the meds, and following up with him.

Thanks for your prayers during all of this.

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From: russ
Date: Mon Feb 3 14:45:01 EST 2014 Subject:

Glad to hear some good news. We're all praying for you.


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