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From: SPark
Date: Sat Apr 21 19:59:18 EDT 2012 Subject: Please pray - missing 6 yr old

Suki: Praying Today (4/22/12)
dbonilla: Praying (4/29/12)
Karen: Connected (4/30/12)
dbonilla: 2nd support concert (5/6/12)
Responses (sorted by date)
dbonilla: 2nd support concert (5/6/12)
Karen: Connected (4/30/12)
dbonilla: Praying (4/29/12)
Suki: Praying Today (4/22/12)
A 6 year old girl went missing last night / this morning. My sister works with her mom. Please pray that she is found soon and safe!


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From: Suki
Date: Sun Apr 22 13:27:05 EDT 2012 Subject: Praying Today

Thanks for letting us know. Amongst other things, I'm praying that she'll be found today.

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From: dbonilla
Date: Sun Apr 29 02:04:40 EDT 2012 Subject: Praying

I saw the poster outside Chipotle last Saturday and thought, O man! that's S's last name; that might be his daughter, and said a quick prayer.
Her father is an old friend from Arizona Opera when I worked there. My mother and I will be singing with this company tomorrow evening at a church in Phoenix to raise funds for Isa's return (so I won't be at the Village). We of course also pray that she is safe and will soon be restored to her family.

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From: Karen
Date: Mon Apr 30 19:31:40 EDT 2012 Subject: Connected

We live in a huge city, but it doesn't feel so big when something like this happens. The family's house is just a couple of blocks from the house where my mom and her siblings grew up, where my grandparents lived, where I spent many holidays until 2000. I still walk through that neighborhood fairly regularly, so it happened on "my" turf. I will continue to pray. I am sad and angry and sad again about this.

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From: dbonilla
Date: Sun May 6 19:48:34 EDT 2012 Subject: 2nd support concert

There is another concert today in support of the search for Isabel. Last week's raised over $3000. This is a local one--Catalina United Methodist Church at 7:30pm. Her father, Sergio, plans to join us this time, singing with the chorus tenors.

Maybe some of you can make it in spite of this short notice. Don't worry if you cannot make a donation. Her family will just appreciate your presence and prayers, and the music of course is glorious! Examples (music I never knew before) include Mascagni's Regina Coeli, Copeland's The Promise of Living and Lauridsen's Ubi Caritas. I've had to learn it real fast.

Keep praying for Isa's safe return home soon, that there's a happy ending, and that God hears us in our sadness, anger and sorrow.


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