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From: MaryKay
Date: Tue Jun 8 04:09:09 EDT 2010 Subject: Tears

Patricia: hugs (6/10/10)
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Patricia: hugs (6/10/10)
A flood of emotions washed over me this evening as the realities of our move to Phoenix hit home. The last few weeks have been exhausting and very busy as I’ve filled box after box, storing away the possessions we’ve accumulated living for 28 years in one place. This house became the home where we raised our children and spent countless hours with our family and friends. This is the place that has sheltered us through many a crisis including Tom’s near fatal illness and it is also the place where we have celebrated so many wonderful times. It has been clear since the day we moved in that this house was a gift from God and we have strived to share his gift with those around us which has brought so many blessings.

As wonderful as this house is, leaving it isn’t what brought the tears tonight. The memories of what has happened within these walls didn’t trigger the emotions either. Even though I don’t know where we’ll live next the sadness isn’t about fearing what the future will hold. Instead I’ve begun to grieve leaving my friends, some of which I know I may never see in this world again. So many of you have been a huge part of my life and helped me begin living again. Thank you for loving me through it all.

There is no doubt within me that God has called Tom and me on this new journey and in that there is excitement and hope. A new season of life is beginning but nothing of my time with you will be forgotten.

Loving you,
Mary Kay

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From: Patricia
Date: Thu Jun 10 11:35:34 EDT 2010 Subject: hugs

Mary Kay - thank you for sharing this. In a way this is familiar, even if from the flip side. Before my big move, I was in a flurry and only looked ahead. After the move, I never looked back - for years. Grieving, as you are, seemed silly. Well, I was wrong. It would have been healthy. So, sweet Mary Kay, I am glad that you are grieving now, while you still can hug those you may not see anymore, and tell them that you love them; now, while you still can clear up misunderstandings in person; now, while we your Tucson friends are watching you pack up and leave. We will miss you, and we don't even know yet how much. We will grieve too.

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