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From: Laelia
Date: Tue Apr 14 22:38:41 EDT 2009 Subject: sad

laynEpoo: :( (4/15/09)
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laynEpoo: :( (4/15/09)
This is hard for me to make public, but I NEED HELP!!!PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! PLEASE!!
To be honest, I am so stressed out right now I can cry at the drop of a hat. School is wearing me OUT and I feel like I barely have the stamina to finish this semester well. I am sick of sitting in my bedroom all the time doing homework and not seeing the light of day.
Besides that, My parents just told me tonight that they will be moving out of our house and into an apartment by the end of May, which means we will be packing up and moving...for the MILLIONTH time in my life! Hooray! I so love to move! (read that dripping with bitter sarcasm and rolling eyes) And it will all be happening around the time I am trying to focus on essays and finals. AND I am supposed to decide if I want to live with them in this new place or to find my own place. AND there is a lot of new, scary stuff coming up in my personal, day to day life that is confusing the crap out of me...AND....I'm just plain tired...and mad....and...tired.

There, I admitted it. :(

You can pray for my parents too. I think this move is good for least I hope it will be. Pray that it will be.

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From: laynEpoo
Date: Wed Apr 15 16:28:45 EDT 2009 Subject: :(

Oh friend...I'm so proud of you! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm sitting here at school praying for you b/c WOW...that's so much. I'm sorry so much is hitting the fan right now, and if you need anything - seriously - just call. Come over and do homework at our house, dinner, you


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