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From: Laelia
Date: Tue Jun 29 15:23:39 EDT 2010 Subject: Moving!!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I have an announcement to make....

I am moving back to SAINT LOUIS, Missouri by the beginning of August!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, this is a 'yay' coupled with a "sniff...I will miss my friends and church"

It is a long-ish kind of story, but basically this is the route I took to come to this decision:

1. Was planning to go to Spain to teach English, but when God closed doors for that to happen, I was praying and I knew that God asked me, "Pick a place to live and make it your home"

2. I thought it should be Tucson at first bc I was already here and I hated the thought of moving yet again. But the past few months, I feel like God has been frustrating all my attempts at making a life here...too much to describe right now.

3. I went on the road trip with Layne thinking God would help me come to terms with living in TUcson or give me a new direction. Along the way, He helped me heal from a lot of the confusion of all the moving we did growing up- I realized how much I miss trees and rivers- We went to St. Louis and as soon as we drove into the city, I started crying. I missed it and felt like I was coming home and knew this was where I wanted to make my earthly home.

That is the story in a nutshell.

So, I am excited bc I have always missed Missouri and LOVE St. Louis with almost every bone in my body. It is awesome and has so many more job opportunities for me and the housing is actually way cheaper than in Tucson.

Please pray for me that I sell everything I need to sell before I go and that I can pack up and move in a peaceful, orderly fashion. Pray that the move can be as seamless as possible and that I can find a place to live and work ASAP. I have family there to stay with if needed, but I don't want to have to put my stuff in storage and move it again once I find a place. I am SO INCREDIBLY happy about the prospect of living in the place I love most, it makes me want to cry with joy just writing this sentence. I am so thankful that God used the road trip to help me see things more clearly! If anyone has any spare time to help me pack stuff up or to help me find some moving boxes, I would greatly appreciate it!! Also, keep in the back of your mind Saturday, July 31st because that is my estimated pack up the moving truck day if all goes to plan and for sure I will need some help if anyone has time!!

Thank you and I love you guys!!

Here is some of the stuff I am selling if anyone was looking for such things. I will be selling my couch, a bookcase and maybe other things. Also I will be selling my ghetto looking Toyota Camry for $1,500 if anyone needs a car. :)

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