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From: Krysti
Date: Tue Oct 7 22:08:46 MST 2003 Subject: new job

I have had several calls asking how my new job is. So I thought that I should just write a blog and tell it all to any who want to know.

The job feels good so far. The people are nice and helpful, the work is fairly easy for my personality type to deal with, the hours are perfect (8 AM to Noon), by the time I finish being trained I will have something to keep me busy the entire shift, and when I'm off the job stays there and doesn't follow me home!

The only downfall (and it should be temporary) is that my feet hadn't recovered from the pain of the last several weeks, so standing and walking for 4 hours straight really hurts.

More then ever I am thankful that God provided a job that is part-time! My house is still full of unpacked boxes and my pantry needs organized and the kids have lots of trouble finding clothing. I need time to fix all of that and a full time job would not have allowed much.

God gave me the added bonus of being able to get an "attaboy" (remember that phrase?) I saved my boss several hours of tedious hand-writing with a very simple suggestion. That was on my first day. So, things are well and I'm relearning how to work away from home.


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