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From: Karen
Date: Fri Aug 11 14:46:13 MST 2006 Subject: Too much info moment

Karen: No pun intended... (8/11/06)
james: Did he raise his hand first? (8/22/06)
Karen: Well... (8/23/06)
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Karen: Well... (8/23/06)
james: Did he raise his hand first? (8/22/06)
Karen: No pun intended... (8/11/06)
This is a verbatim exchange from my sixth grade 8th period class today.

Male student, to me: "My butt itches."

Me, to student: "What would you like to do about it?"

"I want to scratch it!"

So I offered him a restroom pass.

No Child Left Behind, indeed. I challenge GWB to take over my classroom for one week. I'll take over the Button if he takes over my classroom. Back in the saddle again!

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From: Karen
Date: Fri Aug 11 14:50:52 MST 2006 Subject: No pun intended...

Just read my own blog and saw the pun. Seriously, no pun was originally intended. Arrrrgggh....

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From: james
Date: Tue Aug 22 14:57:18 MST 2006 Subject: Did he raise his hand first?

Very funny indeed!

My question is did he say this to you personally or was it in front of the class.? (I can't remember how to punctuate that one correctly -- oh well) If he did happen to say it in front of the class did he raise his hand first to be polite so as not to disturb your teaching?


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From: Karen
Date: Wed Aug 23 13:25:52 MST 2006 Subject: Well...

...he did not interrupt (it was independent work time) but it was definitely audible to the class.

This child has not been polite, on several occasions. Leave it at that!

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