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From: Karen
Date: Tue Mar 13 15:45:31 EDT 2007 Subject: PokeMon advice?

Patricia: 2 cents (3/13/07)
Boojeee: more or less cents (3/14/07)
Karen: Thanks ;-) (3/15/07)
Responses (sorted by date)
Karen: Thanks ;-) (3/15/07)
Boojeee: more or less cents (3/14/07)
Patricia: 2 cents (3/13/07)
If anyone has information and specific opinions about PokeMon--how it has (or hasn't) affected their kids, whether or not you think it's generally harmless, or generally harmful--I'd like your two cents as soon as possible on this topic. I know PokeMon was a lot bigger a few years ago, but it's a topic of concern this week in my extended family. It seems to be a bit like the "Halloween celebration" topic--controversial--yet good arguments on both sides. Anyway, thanks for any feedback you can give me ;-)

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From: Patricia
Date: Tue Mar 13 20:48:47 EDT 2007 Subject: 2 cents

PokeMon is the object of off-and-ongoing discussion in our home. A few years ago my daughter started to collect cards. Then Yu-Gi-Oh took over. These caused problems with nightmares and such. So we got rid of all the collecting cards, yu-Gi-Oh and PokeMon alike. We switched to Weird and Wild Creature cards. At school PokeMon cards seem to have made a comeback in the younger grades. The third-graders in my children's school play a live action sort of version of PokeMon, pretending that they themselves are PokeMons with certain powers and weaknesses. While the school has a "no trading cards" policy, the kids soon discovered that they could make up their own cards from paper, drawing and writing in the same kind of stuff you would find on the trading cards. I can applaud the creativity involved, yet I have ambiguous feelings about the game and characters themselves. I guess I'm offering you a definite maybe here...

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From: Boojeee
Date: Wed Mar 14 13:36:46 EDT 2007 Subject: more or less cents

I answered this in the villagersonline email, but thought I'd put it here to be out there in case it can be of use.

We avoided Pokemon to start with and then changed our minds, related somewhat to conversations with my sister [my now a freshman in college nephew was in to it briefly]. Don't really know if there are really occult connections. The movies [I've seen them all a few too many times and listened to them more when I was trying to grab a nap or do something else.] have some spiritually new-agee stuff in them, although it doesn't seem much different than the messages in other cartoons that are around. Less dark than, say Bionicle or Yu-gi-oh, but clearly more than, say Veggie tales. [OK... I've seen much too much kid movies.] Although my guess is if you're opposed to your kids seeing Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and Bionicle may have not ever come up--although the lego toys are quite popular [remember that one I got you for your birthday one year? but I digress...] Personally, I found the focus of the Pokemon stuff to be about the games, which seem pretty innocuous [sp?]. Basically, you're a trainer and you have little "pocket monsters" [Pokemon] that battle each other. That's pretty much what the cards are about anyways. The movies have some stuff about the "ancient pokemon" which may be the cultic stuff of concern. I actually talked to Jesse about some of the concerns [more with Yu-gi-oh than Pokemon] and used it as an opportunity to talk about what we believed v. some of the other beliefs out there and to talk about the reality of "dark forces" and what certain kinds of magic really were. That approach, I guess, depends on the age, maturity and sensitivity of the kids. A main reason that I went ahead and allowed Pokemon was that the concerns didn't seem to be real and weighty enough to offend a nonbeliever over. It didn't seem worth setting up a divide between Jesse and his friends over. Anyways, that's my rambling $.o2 about it.

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From: Karen
Date: Thu Mar 15 19:35:20 EDT 2007 Subject: Thanks ;-)

Thanks for your stories. These points of view help me. I'll pass it on to my cousin.

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